I did some reasearch on correlation between Mexicos Eastern Gulf Coast(Veracruz northward)/Extreme South Texas Hurricane landfalls,and Northeast US coast Tropical system hits.It seems like when Mexican Gulf Coast(Veracruz northward) or the extreme South Texas coast gets hit by a hurricane within 3 years the Northeastern States of The United States gets hit by a Tropical system.Below is a list of Hurricanes that hit the area mentioned above and then how many years past since a tropical system hit on the Northeast
Correlation between Mexico Gulf Coast/Extreme South Teaxas Coast Huricane hits,and Northeasten Us States Tropical hits?
1855 Hurricane hits Mexico,3 years later Hurricane hits Northeast(Long Island)

1859 Hurricane hits Mexico,2 years later Tropical Storm hits Northeast(Long Island)

In 1866 hurricane #2 hit S. Mexico coast.3 years later 1869 Hurricane hit northeast(LI)

1867 Hurricane hits Mexico coast,2 years later Hurricane hits Northeast(MA).

1878 H#2 hit Mexico Coast,1 year later 1879 Hurricane hit Northeast (cape).

1880 H#2 hit TX/MX border,2 years later TS hit Northeast(LI)

1886 H#8 hit extreme S. Texas,2 years later Hurricane hit Northeast(MA)

1887 H#9 hit extreme S. Texas,2 years later TS hit Northeast(MA)

1892 H#7 hit S. Mexico,1 year later Hurricane hit Northeast(LI),2 years later Hurricane hit Northeast(LI)

1895 H#2 hit Mexico,2 years later TS hit Northeast(LI)

1902 H#2 hit Extre\me S. Texas,2 years later TS hit Northeast(LI)

1913 Hurricane hits extreme S. Texas,3 years later Hurricane hits Northeast(RI)

1921 Hurricane hits Mexico,2 years later TS hits Northeast(MA)

1931 H#6 hit Mexico,3 years later TS hits Northeast(LI)

1933 3 Hurricanes hit Mexico,1 year later Hurricane hits Northeast (LI)

1936 2 Hurricanes hit Mexico,2 years later Hurricane hits Northeast(Long Island Express)

1947 Hurricane hit Mexico coast,2 years later tropical storm passes over Northeast

1950 Hurricane Item hits Mexico,2 years later Tropical storm hits Northeast

1951 Hurricane Charlie hit Mexico 3 years later Hurricanes Carol,Edna hit Northeast

1954 Hurricane Alice hits Mexico coast,1 year later tropical storm Diane hits Northeast

1956 Hurricane hits Mexico coast,3 years later Tropical Storm Cindy)hits Northeast(MA)

1966 Hurricane Inez hit Mexico,3 years later Hurricane Gerda Hits Northeast(Maine)

1970 Hurricane Ella hits Mexico,1 year later TS Doria hits Northeast(NJ,LI),2 years later TS A Agnes hits Northeast(LI)

1975 Hurricane Carolina hits Mexico,1 year later Hurricane Belle hits Northeast(LI)

1983 Hurricane Barry hits Mexico,2 years later Hurricane Gloria hits Northeast(LI)

1988 Hurricane Gilbert hits Mexico,3 years later hurricane bob hits Northeast(RI)

1990 Hurricane Diane hits Mexico, 1 year later Bob hits Northeast

1993 Hurricane Gert hit Mexico,3 years later TS Bertha hits Northeast(LI)

1996 Hurricane Dolly hits Mexico,3 years later TS Floyd hits Northeast(NJ,LI)

2003 Hurricane Erika hits Mexico,1 year later TS Charley hits Northeast,3 years later TS Beryl hits northeast(LI)

2005 Hurricane Emily hit Mexico,3 years later Tropical Storm Hanna hits Northeast(LI)

2007 Hurricane Dean hits Mexico,will we get before the end of the 2010 season????DID NOT GET HIT BY TROPICAL SYSTEM

2008 Hurricane Dolly Hits Extreme South Texas Coast,will Northeast get Hit before the end of the 2011 season????YES IRENE HIT NEW YORK AS A TROPICAL STORM

2010 Hurricanes Alex Hit Northern Mexico coast & Hurricane Karl hit just north of Vera Cruz MX.Will Northeat get hit before end of 2013 season???? Yes Hurricane Sandy hits

2013 Hurricane Ingrid Hit Mexico Coast. Will Northeast get hit with a tropical sytem system before the end of the 2016 season?

So if this holds true the northeast could get hit by 1 tropical system before the end of the 2016 season.

Only years where a Hurricane hit the Mexico eastcoast from Veracruz Northward,or the extreme South Texas coast and there was not a Northeast hit within 3 years was 1851,1903,1909,1955,1967,1977,1980,1999,2000,2007..and the only years the northeast was hit by a tropical system but there was no hurricane hit on Mexico or extreme S. Texas within the 3 previous years was 1944 and 1960 Hurricane Donna.
Of the 44 years when Mexico(Veracruz North,or the Extreme South Texas coast was hit by a Hurricane 33 times the Northeast was hit by a Tropical System within 3 years which equals 75%
Percentages of Northeast hit after mexico/Etreme S. Texas Hurricane hit
75% Of the time the Northeast gets hit By a tropical system(TS or Hurricane) within 3 years
50% within 2 years(22 out of 44....16 times 2 years after & 6 times 1 year after)
15.9% within 1 year(7 out of 44)
36.3% of the time a Hurricane hits the Northeast  within 3 years..(16 times)